EFT is an option, if it fits in the way you normally pay bills

Since April 2016 we have offered the facility to pay your annual subs by EFT transfer. Anybody familiar with paying accounts on-line will know how simple it is to transfer funds to another account.

The ELRGI account is with Beyond Bank, Victor Harbor and has the following identifiers:

BSB    325 185
ACCOUNT    03214520

Process an EFT transfer with the transaction description being your house number, abbreviated street name from the table on this page, plus at least some of your name.

Let’s take the example of Joe Bloggs who we assume lives at 54 Ketch Place. He should use the following transaction description:

The order is important as banks only provide 18 characters of description. We identify your contribution from the address code and confirm it from the name.

If you experience problems using EFT to process your sub please feel free to contact the Treasurer.

Abbreviated Street Names


Ainslie Roberts Drv - AR
Bartel Bvd - BBE
Clipper Cct- CC
Cutter Cct - CCT
Encounter Tce - ET
Henry St - HST
Islander Drv - ID
Ketch Plc - KP
Lakeside Cct - LC
Matthew Flinders Drv - MF
Nicolas Baudin Drv - NB
Tabernacle Rd - TR
Windjammer Crt - WJ
Bartel Bvd - BBF
Central Drv - CD
Clifton Way - CW
Harbour View Tce - HV
Malen Ave - MA
Strathmore Crt - SC