The Encounter lakes/Franklin Island Management Plan is a comprehensive working document used by Council and the Lakes community to manage a range of activities; viz:

  • Lake waterways
  • Rock revetments
  • Beaches
  • Stormwater
  • Parks and reserves
  • Roadways, traffic & pedestrian issues
  • Emergency procedures

The plan is regularly reviewed through consultation between the City of Victor Harbor management and is signed off by both Council and ELRGI.

The Management Plan is a very valuable safeguard for our community.

ELRGI appreciates the integrity and goodwill of the officers of the Council Administration with whom the plan has been developed, since its inception in 2010.

If you are interested, please download the Management Plan from this site.

It’s also worth visiting the  Council website for more information on the City of Victor Harbor.

Every member of ELRGI should be familiar with the constitution of our organisation.

The rules or constitution of a not-for-profit organisation like ELRGI, are the roadmap for running the organisation.  It is also a legal requirement that ELRGI and its members follow the rules of the organisation.

It is important that all of us understand the powers, rights and prudential responsibilities that apply to both ELRGI and members of the Management Committee.

The Constitution, available for download, is up to date and the version registered with the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. The Constitution is written in a straight-forward english that any of our members would understand.